70 Years ChrysoDalia

As the longest-running cold cuts manufacturer of Cyprus, our company celebrates its 70th anniversary with a film that will be speak to the heart of every one of us. Years of experience and expertise, with the ChrysoDalia cold cuts to release flavors and aromas from the tradition of Cyprus.

Throughout all these years, transferring knowledge and experience from father to child for four generations, the hard work and the insistence on quality have developed ChrysoDalia into one of the most modern production units of European specifications. The continuous progress and development, alongside with the strategy and development, have allowed ChrysoDalia to enjoy a leading position in the cold cuts sector in Cyprus.

Inside the film, the whole story of ChrysoDalia is unfolding, as well as the story of each of us. The history of Cyprus. Tradition, love, care, family values, flavors and aromas of our country.

Our company promises to continue to have high goals, determined to respond directly to market needs, always investing in research and technology, but mainly in its people.

ChrysoDalia Food Industry

70 years ... our own taste!

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